Bathrooms & Ensuites

Your bathroom project will start with the design stage, where we will collaborate with you to develop a plan that satisfies all of your needs for the bathroom. As your remodelling consultant throughout this period, I will:

Define Measurements: It’s important to take exact measurements of your bathroom as it is now, then design the best layout to utilise these dimensions to create the remodelling plans for your new bathroom.  

Mockups: Mockups of the remodelled bathroom will be made, showing where the new cabinets, tile, flooring, and water technology appliances will be installed. We will collaborate with you throughout the process to make sure we can achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

Coordinated aesthetics: These are essential to your bathroom renovation. From your new vanity, bathtub, shower, lighting fixtures, flooring, backsplash, and any other interior design components, we will ensure all the finishes are cohesive.

Bathroom by Exclusively modern minimalist bathroom, interior, toilet

Tim and his team done an amazing job at renovating my bathroom. I can’t recommend them highly enough for the wonderful job they done, total professionals with attention to detail which went out of their way to deliver within timeframe. Tim made my renovations totally stressless with his ever friendly, caring and positive approach. Best service available at a reasonable cost.